Retrograde Earth Trine & The Journey Up the Mountain

Monday is ruled by the Moon which is in Gemini at the moment in sidereal astrology. Indicating our moods and emotional concerns today. Influenced heavily by a Retrograde Earth Trine in sidereal astrology today.

As we are all diving through the depth of our emotional wellbeing lately. As the sun begins it’s the cosmic season for solar flares and surprising weather shifts. We would be wise to look at the effects outside of our habits and dare to ask, what’s causing these effects? What are the influences and how can I navigate through this changing time?

Do you see that amazing, perfect green triangle? This is between the Sun in Taurus, Pallas/Saturn in Capricorn, and Juno in Virgo. Juno has been here in Virgo for quite a while, holding down the fort, analyzing, and directing groups like a mother would oversee a group of children she was watching. For the most part, she observes and maintains a safe distance so that they can play naturally. But the second that someone is in danger, or endangering others, or breaking a rule. She is right there, ready to direct the forces and make amends with the kids, informing other adults of the activities. This is Juno, she’s the mature feminine, the wife, and the mother. Sitting in the house of the Lady, the Pure, Compassionate Home that is Virgo. She might be a tad under the weather in retro, but any mother can tell you that it isn’t an excuse to ditch the responsibilities to her children, her home, or her family.

Pallas, the feminine warrior spirit, sister of mars of will power, she is of endurance and inner stregth. However, there’s a lot of retrograde energy in Capricorn right now. Saturn, Pallas, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in retrograde Capricorn.

If I was to picture this, I see them all trying to climb a mountain together, but with this retrograde they keep slipping down the steep slope. Trying to help each other climb up, only to be searching for another way to get to the top because it’s just not working! It’s too steep! it’s not a problem of willingness to work, it’s that there is simply not a clear path to use to continue up the mountain.

However, this Trine to the Sun un Taurus, the Capricorn retrograde planets, and Juno in Virgo. This is the Earth Trine that is coming down to us right now. We are feeling pressure, to move, to get going on a better path, and to think seriously about how we can get Saturn, Pallas, Jupiter, and Pluto up that mountain of ascension!

Each of us, has a need to Survive (Saturn), Grow (Jupiter), Personal Power (Pluto) and Endurance (Pallas). How can you redirect your attention to these areas and improve them, so that you can find your own way through life – as it is.

There is no changing the shape of the mountain, we are not birds who could fly above them and land over there. We are not yet capable of understanding our means of being one with the earth so much so, that we could change it to be what we need it to be in one moment. But there is a point where you can become more a part of the mountains and see where it has already laid out a path for you. You just haven’t found it yet, and will need to survey the land, and choose your steps knowing where the next one will be. It helps to know exactly where you need to get, and the surest path to take to get there.

Just keep trying. You will always be learning along the way, so take some time to remember what you have learned so far. Take time to put together the pieces you have picked up, and double-check the map with what you have found. How far have you come? Update your progress, take notes, clear things out of the way, and get ready to try again.

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Yesterday we had a solar flare, as see in this shot. Which means we might feel that in our heart and pineal gland. When we see the Schumann spike, we’ll be wise to take some time to ourselves and get plenty of good sleep this week.

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