Mars and Ceres conjunct with Skat, the Wish

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, which is in Aquarius conjunct with Ceres to Skat, the Wish. Today we will also look at the higher octave of Mars, which is Pluto which is at the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn with Jupiter.

To start with, I want to look at Pluto at 29 Sagittarius in Sidereal Astrology Today. As Pluto can be viewed as the Higher Octave of Mars, in association with our Will and Personal Power. Pluto is considered an outer planet, and is usually associated with collective and generational concerns. It moves slowly, and has dramatic impacts over longer periods of time.

Right now Pluto, and those near her such as Jupiter, Pallas, and Saturn are all in near conjunction with Terebellum. Terebellum rules the Zu Sa Li, point of healing 1000 diseases, 3 inches/cuns below the knee.

In Chinese, there’s another “Li” — a homonym to the first Li, but corresponding to a different character — whose meaning is “to regulate or rectify.” This points to the capacity of ST36 to regulate the functioning of the Spleen and Stomach organ systems; to regulate Qi and Blood; and to regulate the three dantian (i.e. “three burners”) — all of which goes far in accounting for the point’s capacity to provide the juice for that additional three li of foot-travel.
Along with the general function of strengthening deficiency conditions — by regulating the Spleen and Stomach, as well as the Qi and Blood — Zu San Li is used, more specifically, to alleviate a host of digestive and other maladies, including: gastric pain, vomiting, indigestion, hiccups, abdominal distention, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, pain in knee joint or leg, asthma, cough, dizziness and insomnia.

Zu San Li 36 point on Stomach/Spleen meridians – LearnReligions

This is a huge hint as to what is happening. Are you listening? Are you willing to interact with your own body? Life? Relationships? Self?

Mars & Ceres Conjunct Skat Star, The Wish

Mars is in Aquarius, conjunct with Ceres. To start with this is an interesting line up because Ceres is the Harvest, the Gardener, the Labor and Devotion to the Long Term. And Mars is of Will, War, and Action.

In the energy of the Humanitarian, it’s about the needs of Everyone. It’s about co-creation, working for the cause for all, and opposes greed. Because ultimately the goal of Aqaurius is the build the bridge, and a standard of Equality. About the unique expression of the individual, being useful to the bigger ideal of harmony.

Mars and Ceres are aligned to Skat, the Wish star in Aquarius. Interestingly enough, this star is located in the leg of Aquarius in the Shin Region (in the same Body area as Terebellum in Sagittarius the Hunter).

Skat is the nature of Jupiter and Saturn in the positive, and brings “safety from deluge”… (Read yesterdays post…)

Mars/Ceres is making a Square to the Sun in Taurus, and a sextile to Uranus.

To say the very least – we all should expect change. The good kind of change. The kind that in the end, makes all the pain and suffereing worth it when you finally discover that holding a single point o nthe body for a few minutes every day, can save your life and heal you of 100s of diseases.

No joke. It can be that simple.

(Note: I’m a messenger of the stars. This is what they are telling us. Take action to take care of the self, your the only one that can. The world, the universe, the systems, they aren’t here to do it for you. They’re only here to make it possible for you to take care of yourself… better than you could without help.)

Science News

There was a Solar Flare on 5/24 as seen here. We can see from the Schumann Resonance today, that that wave of energy is here (see below post). If you want to know more about those effects, you can start with this post:
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