Aldebaran, Venus, Sun, Earth Conjunction In Motion!

Even now, we can see how nearly perfect this conjunction of the Earth, Venus, and Sun is. Even more interesting is that it is in alignment with Aldebaran, the start of Archangel Michael. That it is with Venus, the Morning Star, in relation to Christ is also worth upfront mention and consideration. Coming into perfect alignment on 6/3, of course, the power of 9 the Divine. Of course!

This is is also the day that the Strawberry Full Moon begins at 95% illumination and will last about 3 days in full illumination for us.

Mercury is the classic ruler of Wednesday on 6/3. and will be in Gemini at it’s home sign.

Today is a lead up to that conjunction and so Venus is making its way between us and the sun.

Venus is definitely in retrograde motion but when you look at an Helio (Sun Centered) chart, there are no retrogrades as their motion isn’t actually different in its orbit. It just appears to be, as we of Earth also move. Like a car moving next to a train at similar speeds.

Venus rules our Heart Chakra and has much to do with Thinking and Feeling with our Heart, from our heart, within our heart.

There’s a lot going on in the background, even in this Solar System Scope image today. All those planets in the background, concerned about the big picture and long term plays. What about these inner planets though? What about your inner core? What are you cycling around?

I too am guilting of being concerned with the background, my environment, the systems, the structures, the big picture.

What happens then, is a neglect of the sun’s rays and being centered.

What you don’t realize you are orbiting around the Sun, the light giver, the life of our system without it is nothing.

We all need to get back to Self, Spirit, Center. The sun and Venus alignment to Archangel Michael, Aldebaran, the Watcher and Guardian of Protection, Will, and Service will make it known to each of us in our own personal heart centers this week.

My best advice is to take the time to listen to your heart. It is being provided all the answers, but they will e missed if you’re too busy trying to find what you can’t see “out there”.

Venus, on the other hand, we definitely can see! In fact this week it’s shining brighter than it will all year! Check it out tonight!

Science News & Space Weather

Okay so there was the solar flare on 5/24 and since then, there have been two more! This is the beginning of the solar season so I’ll be keeping a close watch on this. However, that becomes difficult with NASA withholds footage, which Ben has a statement about in today’s Space Weather News video here.

Sun/Space Watcher shows us the Sun and SR charts from the Solar Flares the last few days.

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