Mars is Letting Go to Let Love In for Venus

Mars is our ruler today and he is just entering the Sagittarius energy as of Sunday, still at 1 degree Sagittarius this afternoon.

Yesterday we mentioned that Pallas and Vesta were both in Fire Energy, on the opposing ends of the Kite shape. Today we see this come into full opposition between the North Node and Pallas. As well as the opposition of the Moon to Venus, Chiron, and Lilith in Pisces that was mentioned last week. This group is making amazing sextiles to nearly everything in Sagittarius.

What that all means is that the healing that Chiron is offering in alignment with Venus and Lilith continues.

Right now we are Expanding our Heart (Venus) to Heal and Grow the Inner Feminine, both found iconically in Lilith and Pallas figures. Provided that Jupiter is part of this Emotional Moon in Leo of Fire we are Lit Up with inner desires to receive more love and light in our everyday life.

Know that you are not alone in this longing for love, peace, and prosperity. It is part of our inner nature to want What Is Abundant and Available. The truth is is that it’s not something you have to wait for any longer. All you have to do is look within yourself to find that love that you need at any moment. You don’t need someone’s permission to be loved. Nor do you need permission to Be Love.

This is what Vesta in Aries and Pallas in Sagittarius is all about. Mars just needs to get on board and let go of the egoic desires to attachments and any grudges you might hold against yourself. The truth is, is we all make mistakes. It’s required for us to make mistakes so that we can improve and perfect our skills and become the best that we can be.

Don’t let your failures become excuses.

Transform your failures into success by never creating excuses that will delay your destined success and increase your spiritual stamina! There is never tomorrow, only today!

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Go for a run if you have excess anger or resentments built up with the intention to “run them out” once and for good. This expresses it out in a raw and authentic way.

❣️ Release all emotions of self-sabotage, shame, or remorse

❣️ Cut ties with the aspects of yourself that you no longer resonate with you – Allow yourself to Have Changed to Become Whole Now

❣️ Giving Love while Loving Yourself is the Best Way to INCREASE the Love for All

❣️ Just loving yourself or just loving others doesn’t bring about Harmony in these higher frequencies of life that is required for the full spiritual health of all systems. The answer? More Love.