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This post is meant to introduce you to two areas of interest to Universal Astrology. Astrocartography charts the path that each planet takes around the globe of Earth based upon it’s rise and set times, and relativity to it’s position to Earth. Charting a planets movements as the Earth passes nearby planets, that also rotate around the sun obviously.

Included through out this post are a few direct quotes from “Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes”. This is a sidereal Vedic astrology book detailing the movement of the planets and how they indicate natural events and terrestrial weather. Much of what is detailed in this particular book such as an 11 year solar cycle, has indeed been scientifically proven in more recent days. As well as “Local Space Astrology” which details Relocation Astrology. A relatively new but popular branch of modern astrology. It explains why a person may be moving locations, and why one might do so on purpose. As well as what areas of the globe may be troublesome. This is very related to my interests in astrometeorology as we will see through out this page.
These books and other sources can be found at the bottom of this page.

The most easily understood effect of what we are going to touch on today is to consider first the Earth’s Equator. Which is the path the sun takes upon the face of the globe most directly as we circle around it. It scars us with heat and notable scientific effects. Just take a secont to look at the Earth on Google Mps or Google Earth. You can see the equator clearly.

We now know that notable planetary effects, especially with those closest to us. This includes Venus, Mars and even Jupiter and Saturn due to their size all play a part in determining the environment of earth and it’s effects on us are now proven.

Such effects have been noticed and studied for long enough that science is beginning to catch up with astrological knowledge.

Presently on the Universal Astrology live stream, I include 3 panels that are relevant in this post:

  • Astrocartography, the map (often black and white) that shows where the planets are passing over the earth (software: Astrolog or Planetdance)
  • Disaster Alert Map from RSOE to show current emergency locations and natural events. Encouraging others to know where and what is occuring on the globe.
  • Earthquake 3D, usually showing earthquakes from the last 0-12 hours only

Now we can begin to learn why.

“According to the theory of astrology propounded by ancient sages, all phenomena, including the occurrence of earthquakes, are regulated by planetary movements. Some of the sciences have been indirectly confirming astrological theories.”

B. V. Raman

Nearly everyone nowadays has a basic idea of what the zodiac is, that it is the 12 constellations that Earth and the solar systems cycle through. Some even know the correct associates to make of each of the primary planets and signs. There is typically a point here where people drop off. This post is picking up from there, and running with the concepts of true astrology and astronomical study of space and the cycles o f time. Further, the affects that motion, mass, and energy has upon other bodies and ourselves both individually and collectively.

“The line for the MC and IC are always vertical lines running North and South on the map, while the rising and setting lines are always curved lines creating great circles.”

Michael Erlewine

What we are seeing upon this Astrocartograph is the map of earth with the current motions that form a path upon the earth. Each planet has a rising and setting time, just like the sun. You can see this breifly in the video below of the same date as the Astrocartograph here.

These type of graphs can be used by Local Astrologers to determine healthy places, cities, or areas for an individual. This is done by the methods described by Michael in the 1970s, detailed in Local Astrology. Several quotes on this page are details from these descriptive pages about how it is done, with several examples. My interests in these books extends past the idea of how a single individual is affected, but to the cities themselves and the energies of the heavens influencing the face of the globe and our very lives. In such subtle and explosive ways as eruptions, quakes, and storms.

Heavens on Earth
This is what Local Space is all about, noting that the lines that the planets trace in the heaves are also lines traced down here on earth, lines that run across the earth, passing through any number of cities and places. In Local Space, we want to know which cities can be found along the line for each planet.
For example, we each have a Venus line that runs all around the earth, the line and direction Venus was in at our birth. Whatever we might agree that Venus represents in astrology (things like love, (rainy weather), care, appraisal, compassion) are accented for us along our particular Venus line as it appeared at our birth.”

Michael Erlewine

Let’s take the most recent large earthquake as an example to make it more relevant and random, especially to those who read this later on and can do something similar with the most recent earthquake of that moment in time.

Yilan, Taiwan M6.1 Earthquake occured on 12/10/2020 at 13:19:58 UTC. From their basic astrology chart we can see several conjunctions which include Earth/Moon, Sun/Mercury, Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto, and Uranus/Lilith.

When we look at the Astrocartograph for this moment we see that there are some planets and the sun VERY close to this area. This includes the Sun and Mercury IC lines, and the path of Uranus.

Iquique, Chile magnitude 6.1 Depth 144km occurred on 12/6/2020 16:47:42 UTC. In this chart we see Neptune is rising (Neptune/AC conjunction), and squaring the MC, as well as the Sun. Which is just barely out of reach of being technically conjunct but are always very close together anyways. However the same is true for Earth, which is trailing Mercury, just 1 degree away from a technical conjunction. These trine over to Uranus though, whom is again conjunct with Lilith (Uranus/Lilith). Additionally the Moon Trines over to the great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto.

When we look at the Astrocartography for this moment we see that Iquique is between several planetary paths, nearest it seems is Chiron (blue-purple to the left). However, the dash marks on a line indicate its position and Chiron is actually quick far up north at this moment.

I believe the most influencing to this Earthquake are the MC lines of Pluto, Jupiter, and then Saturn (from closest to farthest from Iquique on the right). We also see the path of Venus and Mars are close as well.

So what this tells me, and I’ve looked up a number of earthquakes in this way. It’s not an exact science, not a single line directly passes the exact location of the exact time an earthquake hits for example. However, if you were to animate this cartography graph and watch this area for a few days before and after these events occur, it becomes clear how affected it is by the paths of the planets in the days upon days of path progression. A final build up of energy, pressure, or gravity may play additional roles to the influences of the sun’s power.

I happen to know that one day after the Chile eruption, a large CME directed at earth left the sun. The impact of the CME arrived on 12/10, which is the same day that the earthquake in Yilan, Taiwan arrived. This was the quake remember, that was directly affected by the Sun’s line.
(CME: 2020-12-07T16:24:00, Actual Shock Arrival Time: 2020-12-10T01:29Z)

So was there a CME or solar event that proceeded this larger quake in Chile too? Yep. Most likely anyways, the astl CME before that eruption was on 12/1.
(CME: 2020-12-01T07:12:00-CME-001, , but was not detected at Earth.)

What these had the most in common was the influences of the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. With the disclaimer of how much more information can be gained from further research of these charts, this summary serves only as an example of how the planets and their positions affect us and our earth. Down to the minute, the location, and the height or depth of such occurrences.

Astrometeorology Basics

Eleven-Year Cycle Theory
We can construct a simple theory in simple non-technical language. These countless heavenly bodies, as they gravitate round the Sun in turn, approach and move away from it in measured periods. Some gravitating alone and others in harmonious groups, some passing rapidly like lightning and in clusters, some slackening their speed when they move away form the sun as if loath to leave it, some speeding towards it at a headstrong and ever quickening pace. And all these bodies, which form around the Sun, their common lord, such an animated, harmonious and life-like chain exercise a marked influence upon one another. Infinite in its variety, this reciprocal action depends upon the magnitude of the planets, upon their distance and upon their position in space. The nearer a planet like the earth is to another planet in the solar system, the more it is attracted by it, and if the planet is powerful, if its action is at any moment combined with that of a neighboring body to influence the earth, the latter may be affected to an extraordinary degree. Investigations have been made in view of this, to discover whether at the principal epochs of sidereal influence there have ben many severe earthquakes.
More investigations have tended to confirm that a greater proportion of earthquakes falls on the high latitudes at the beginning of the 11 year cycles and on the mean latitudes when the Sun’s activity is on the decline. It follow therefore that within a cycles the center of seismic activity moves from the high latitudes to the equator. According to some scientist, if we compare the graphs of solar activity, the occurrences of earthquakes and the velocity of the earth’s rotations, we find that the curves are distinctly similar thus showing a definite connection between these three factors.
Decades ago M. Delanney of France showed that each time the earth in its revolution around the Sun is brought within the action of a large planet like Jupiter, there are more or less severe earthquakes. Our own investigations have shown that at the times of severe earthquakes, Jupiter is placed in an angle or the 12th or 8th from the rising sign at the time of the earthquake occurrence.”

B. V. Raman

“Certain basic astrological facts bearing on the occurrence of earthquakes thrust themselves prominently before us after a study of several charts. If, according to modern science everything in life is electrical in nature, then the tiniest atom and the great cosmos, including the planets, the earth and the Sun, are therefore subject to certain mathematical laws. We do not know whether earthquakes are caused by gravitational effects of the Sun, the Moon and other planets. The grouping of planets in certain signs shows significant correspondence with earthquakes. Planets may affect the force-field of the earth and cause earthquakes.
The planetary bodies occupying certain sensitive areas in the zodiac, occasion the occurrence of earthquakes. But the paradox is that though there are astrological principles for predicting earthquakes, some clues are yet to be discovered. There is some snag somewhere and it is only by deep study and research that we can reconstruct asteroseismology on the basis of ancient astrological principles.

A careful study of over 200 earthquakes reveals the following interesting features:

1. Earthquakes generally, though not always, occur at the times of eclipses and near new and full Moon days;

2. The time of occurrence will be near about midnight, midday or early morning;

3. The major planets – Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter, and the minor planets – Mercury and the Moon – will be in mutual angles (Kendras) or trines (trikonas) and near the 10th or 4th house;

4. The Moon plays an important roles and the Nakshatra ruling on the day gives a clue to the area of occurrence on the basis of the Avakahada arrangement;

5. Major planets generally occupy earthy or airy signs; and

6. The asterism of the day belongs to “prithvi” or “Vayu” Mandala

B. V. Raman

Planetary Influence on Weather

The Sun’s Influence
The Sun’s contact with the planets has its own effects on weather conditions on earth.
With Mercury, the weather is given to windy spells along coastal areas and increases the depth of high and low pressure systems.
With Venus, the weather gives rise to increase in rain or snow.
With Mars, the weather becomes warmer and according to the season.
With Jupiter, the weather becomes dry and sometimes as the season changes it will bring drought.
With Saturn, the pressure is stagnant very long periods and colder than normal for the season.
With Rahu, the weather is severe for the season and there are local storms during any month as well as the season.
With Ketu, the weather is very changeable, with many changes within a short space of time.
When Mercury and Venus pass the Sun, usually wet and windy weather occurs. The position of the Sun at times of new Moon and season-changes will give the observer a clue as to the type of weather likely during a specified period of time. The position of the Sun in the Nadir in any chart controls the weather over the area for a certain longitude and latitude.”

B. V. Raman

Role of Venus (in Weather)
“… Much rain results when Jupiter is in Pisces while Venus is in Cancer. Heavy winds occur when Venus and Jupiter are in any airy triplicity.
Extreme heat is felt when they are in a fiery triangle.
In an earthly triplicity the climate is rendered very dry, except with Jupiter is strongly aspected by a moist planet at the time of tis ingress into an earthly triplicity.
When Mars is in Aries in trine to the Sun in Leo a hot season is made hotter still and warmth added to a cold period. Rain in abundance is shown when they are in a watery triplicity and in conjunction with Venus. Very heavy rainfall follows an eclipse or a great conjunction in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and more so if Saturn and Jupiter see each other or they aspect the phenomena referred to.
When the Sun is in conjunction with Sirius the heat becomes offensive and no rain could be expected unless the Sun is aspected either by Saturn and Jupiter or Venus. When Venus is transiting the area known as Pleiades in Taurus there is much rain and the air is kept cool.”

B. V. Raman

This post is still considered a draft but has enough information to be useful as-is. Draft published 1/19/2021


“Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes” by B. V. Raman (Book First Published 1992-Reprinted 2003)

“Local Space: Relocation Astrology” by Michael Erlewine (eBooks)

Disclaimer: This post is still a draft but it has enough here to be published as is. Expect updates and revisions in 2021