Planetary Master Conjunction of 2020 | Sidereal Astrology

The Master Conjunction of 2020 involves Earth, Pluto, Jupiter in Sagittarius using Sidereal Astrology. This post contains all the screenshots of this alignment of the planets in 3D as well as the Sidereal Charts for 4/4/2020!

3D view of the Master Conjunction of 2020 on April 4th (Click to view large image in new window)
Sidereal Astrology Chart for 4/4/2020

The following post is provided using Sidereal Charts so that we know exactly which stars in the constellations that the planets are ACTUALLY aligned to at these times.

Please note that Popular Tropical Astrology Charts are great for seasonal and average based associations and cycles. But they are not truly WHERE the planets are in the sky NOW. I find that Sidereal (or Fagan-Bradley) is more “scientific” according to the cosmic web and space, let alone time.

The biggest difference between Sidereal and Tropical is the calculation of the precession of the equinoxes. As well as the house system is adjusted to the true size of the constellation based on the fixed Stars. This is why we must use Sidereal to associate the stars and their locations more appropriately for true Alchemy. Let’s get started!


  • Solar System Scope App on Google Play for Free – used in the screenshots of the space view of Master Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction on April 4, 2020, in Sagittarius
  • AstroVizon App on Google Play for Free – used for the Astrology Chart screenshots
  • – For the links to Star Astrology (they open in new windows)

Master Conjunctions of 2020

Mercury and Neptune, with Fum al Samakah Star in Pisces/Aquarius

Mercury is attuned to our conscious mind and thoughts. Neptune is that of our psychic nature and the subconscious mind and thoughts. They’re energies affect our Higher Chakras, the Throat Chakra (ruled by Mercury) and the Brow Chakra (ruled by Neptune).

Fum al Samakah is the Mouth of the Fish of Pisces, which somewhat overlaps Aquarius (and Aries the Pisces Constellation takes up a lot of space). In a recent Daily Astrology Post on 3/24/2020 about the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Lilith Conjunction in Pisces a few weeks ago. In which I explain how our Lower and Higher SELVES are coming into alignment.

This Mercury/Neptune Conjunction in Pisces will further the integration of our subconscious and waking consciousness. As well as alignment with our Lower and Higher Selves. So that we will fully know our consciousness, our soul, filtering through our subconscious to the conscious becomes much easier for us. For many, it will be a time for our Souls to Become Whole.

To some, this will be further self-destructive since our subconscious is connected to our vast Super Consciousness, accessed through Unity Consciousness. Where you begin to know how connected you are to the Oneness of All Life.

A great guide for this integration is Archangel Gabriel of the water element, emotions, and offers comfort to the soul, mothers, children, and personal growth.

Earth to Jupiter and Pluto conjunction on 4/4/2020 space view from Solar System Scope App. You can see Capricorn (shaped like a triangle/wings on the left) and Sagittarius on the center/right.

Jupiter & Pluto alignment to Terebellum in Sagittarius, with Lyra

Jupiter is about expansion, development, and transformation for the good. He promotes the qualities of joy, abundance, and reward for achievements. Our sacred Sacral Chakra is ruled by Jupiter (more in this post). Which is also called the Seat of the Soul, as our gut has the most transmitters of emotional peptides and hormones within our bodies. It is the Mastering of Your Emotions that promotes wellbeing, happiness, and feelings of accomplishment.

Pluto is commonly perceived as Personal Power, as well as intuition, discernment, and superconscious abilities which we all have. These special abilities that we all have usually lay dormant or ‘out of control’ until we learn how to develop within our chosen path. It is a slow-moving planet and often has generational influences on social development and evolution.

Sagittarius rules Jupiter and it is said that Jupiter was Created in Sagittarius along with Leo and Aquarius in the most ancient times of Creation.

This alignment is happening in close alignment with Terebellum, Omega Sagittarii. Which is said to bring fortune from the suffering. Terebellum rules 3 inches below the right knee, which is also known as the Zu San Li point.

Zu San Li is known as “the point of longevity” and is one of the most frequently used points in acupressure and acupuncture. It’s also known as “the point of one hundred diseases” and can help many different ailments.

Zu San Li: What You Should Know About the Point of Longevity –

Considering the Astrology of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are expected to see a sudden end of this virus.

Are you joining MASS MEDITATIONS??

Venus aligned to Alcyone of the Plaedies Star Cluster & Vesta is aligned with the Raining Sisters of the Hades Star Cluster in Taurus

Chiron of Healing and the Lilith in Pisces to Algenib

(One of the 3 Guides)

Stationed Planets in Alignment to Important Stars

Sun in Pises with Alpheratz

(One of the 3 Guides)

Moon in Leo to the Al Jabhah Star – The Lion’s Forehead


Mars in Capricorn on 4/4/2020 space view from Solar System Scope App. Dabih and Giedi are the two stars just above Mars in this screenshot.

Mars in Capricorn with the Dabih Star (Head of the Goat) and Giedi Star (Right Horn of the Goat)


Saturn in Capricorn on 4/4/2020 space view from Solar System Scope App.

Saturn in Capricorn to Aladfar of Lyra


Still near Jup/Pluto since transit on dateX

Uranus is in Aries aligned to the Sheratan Fixed Star (Right Horn of the Ram)


Ceres the Harvester in Capricorn, to Deneb Algiedi (Tail of Goat)


Juno is in Virgo (Earth) aligned to Algorab (The Crow)


Notes About the Nodes & Guides!

North Node in Gemini to Tejat Posterior, the Seed

Tejat Posterior Star is said to rule the center of the chest.

South Node is opposite the north in Sagittarius, aligned to the Right Claw of the Scorpion, Dschubba Star

The Three Guides

Andromeda Galaxy, Pegasus Galaxy and Cassiopeiae