Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Today I want to introduce the Cosmic View from Space for the date 4/4/2020 using Sidereal Astrology to show you the conjunct alignments visually. Why is this Master Conjunction of 2020 so important?

This is what I want to answer, by SHOWING YOU the screenshots, as well as explaining the importance and what they mean, in the next post.

4/4/2020 Astrology Screenshot of the Earth, Jupiter Pluto conjunction located at the end of Sagittarius Sidereal astrology. (click the image for large view in new window)

Sidereal (Fagan-Bradley) Astrology Chart for 4/4/2020

I will be going over the details of this chart in upcoming posts. What I want to do is clear up the differences of Tropical/Sidereal astrology so that you can better understand this post and the others that follow.

Tropical Charts are great for seasonal changes and averages.

It does not take into consideration the precession of equinoxes though, and the houses/signs are averaged into 12 equal spaces we call the 12 Zodiac signs.

Sidereal Charts DO take into consideration all current positions, movements, and are charted by the exact locations of the STARS that make up the CONSTELLATIONS.

This means that the houses are NOT equal in size, because the constellations vary in size. The stars and galaxies don’t move much over time. Yet, our Earth and cycles of rotation do have slight changes that make large effective differences in the charts. For comparison sake, here is the Tropical chart as well. Click the charts to open them in a new window.

THE MAJORITY of Astrology is covering the Tropical charts and thus, the SUN is in PISCES and is not truly within Aries on 4/4/2020.

The BIGGEST effective change noticed in the charts for this master conjunction on 4/4/2020 with Jupiter/Pluto is that it is NOT truly in ‘Capricorn’ energy!

The Jupiter/Pluto Master Conjunction of 2020 is within Sagittarius!

The following images will allow you to see CAPRICORN – the big Triangle shaped constellation.

Sagittarius is the large, complex Hunter constellation to the right of Capricornus Constellation. (Click the image to see it large in new window or download the free app Solar System Scope from Google Play here!)

4/4/2020 from Earth to Jupiter & Pluto alignment in Sagittarius! Both Saturn and Mars are within the first 5 degrees of Capricorn from Sagittarius.
Click the image to view it large in a new window.

To be honest, this is the kind of view I needed to see before I fully converted to Sidereal astrology for personal Alchemy and understanding of our relationship to the stars and galaxies around us. To me, it doesn’t make total sense to say that this alignment is in Capricorn when its clearly not. To be even more specific, this is in alignment with the stars of the constellation of Lyra as well.

The last image I wanted to show you because of its absolute beauty, is the visual from Earth, to the Sun and Venus. So we can clearly see how amazing the geometry of the spheres is!

Visual from Earth, to the Sun and Venus on 4/4/2020

I have even more screenshots and images to show you along the way in posts to come.

The main reason I think 4/4/2020 is a special day for this Master Conjunction of 2020 is because of these alignments, and what they mean. They are SO very rare within our lifetime. When I looked up the Sidereal Stars for this, I was truly amazed at the coordination and alignments I found to share with you.

Additionally, this is also the day my business officially opens! When I set this day I had no idea about any of these honestly.

And the final reason I wanted to cover this day is because of the


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