The Depths of the Willingness to Change

Mercury is in Pisces, which may indicate a willingness for your mind to get lost in thought, overthink and analyze the depths of our experiences. However, the sextile that Mercury makes, after crossing the Moon/Lilith/Chiron conjunction, is a sextile to Venus/Vesta in Taurus. And over to Mars in Capricorn.

Mars is hoping to get out of Capricorn energy and plow through to get to the top. So we’re probably very likely to feel like we have enough energy to DO it. However, our mind is getting the best of our many aspects and we get stuck in which list of to-dos to do. Or we overthink about how deeply we may be cleaning out our homes.

I saw on Instagram, a joking DND player from Critical Role post that joked about him “entering his basement” to take on all the monsteres down there and recover old treasures long forgotten.

Being in such a lock down, many of us are forced to do those check lists of things we have long forgotten were on the list at all. And to re-vamp how life around us functions in our home, state, nation, and planet.

Whatever little things you are doing in your day to day life, are reflectsion of the larger aspects that are happening in the world. One may be cleaning out the basement, but what does that mean for our governmenets and financial institutions? I can see some re-write and re-script happening all over in our personal and professional lives.

The Sun is almost conjunct with Uranus in Aries right now. So this is an indication of ‘quick to act’ and ‘first to try it’ willingness. This is sextile to Ceres today who is just within Aquarius now. Ceres also sextiles the South Node of Karma/Debt. So this is an indication that our Harvest/Worker energy is focused on ALL life, the Humanitarian energy. However, it’s time to make amends with your past cycles, and instead do something new. Backed with the Sun and Uranus in Aries, I think it’s a good time to choose NEW over OLD. For some it’s even further confused, as the old may seem new yet again.

In some way, we are each going to make to make some choices to remove ourselves from the ‘same old cycles’.

What kind of changes are you wanting to make in your life? How is it different for you now? What do you want to do instead? If you were tempted with the same tricks, would you follow them yet again? Who helped you last time? Would you accept that same help again, or are you capable of taking better care of yourself?

The Moon is conjunct with that Lilith/Chiron aspect in Pisces and we’re bound to have some emotional struggles with our inner shadow, attempting to allow healing to occur in these ways. If you need help, or are struggling with the Darker parts of yourself, please reach out to me.

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