Universal Astrology for 1/11/2021

Today’s Universal Astrology of 1/11/2021 12 PM PST such as a 6.8 Earthquake in Turt, Mongolia and conjunctions such as Mars/Uranus and Venus/Moon in Sagittarius.

These Universal Astrology reports are meant to reveal current events and astrological movements of 1/11/2021


Today’s Rulership

Classic Planetary Ruler of the Day: The ruler of Monday is the Moon
Classic Planetary Hours of Power: 

Planetary Chart Ruler of the Day: Saturn
Spheres of Power: Saturn, Mars

Today’s Moon Phase

Waning Crescent
Illumination: 4%
Tropical Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius
Aspects of the Moon Today: Moon is conjunct Taurus, trines Mars and Uranus

Fixed star alignments today include: 

Spiculum and Kaus Borealis conjunct to the Moon
“Kaus Borealis – Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice. It conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined and this often shows up in the chart of people who can put force behind their reasoning, yet be flexible.” – Planetdance software

Sham conjunct to Jupiter and Saturn
According to Ptolemy this constellation is like Saturn and moderately like Venus, but Bayer states that it is of the nature of Mars and Venus. It is said to give a keen mind with ability for abstract thought and teaching or writing, irritability, jealousy and danger of hostility and bodily harm. If setting [with any star in the constellation?], drafted into the army and dies in battle, or one who will die as a gladiator. Keen mind and ability for abstract thought, with a great deal of intellectual energy and with a tendency to be combative and opinionated. A successful hunter. Violent weather.


  • Ashwini Mars,
  • Mrigasira Rahu/North Node,
  • Jyeshta South Node,
  • Mula Venus
  • Uttarashadha Saturn and Sun,
  • Shravana Mercury Jupiter

Important Aspects, Patterns and StarTypes:

  • Mars conjunct Uranus
  • Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn are conjunct
  • Sun and Pluto conjunction
  • Venus and Moon conjunction


Today’s heliocentric chart, shows the sun in the center and much more geometric patterns than the geocentric chart below. You will also find todays Space Weather news and astrology notes of interest to today.

Moon nears New Moon phase at 4%, seen as Sun/Moon/Earth conjunction, opposes Pluto. There’s a red triangle between: Mars, square Mercury/Neptune, square Venus opposite Mars. Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius is high frequency stuff, easy to day dream and get lost in if your not paying attention or if you think ‘this class is boring’. There’s some interesting stuff playing out since last week, in which many CME solar events occurred, a geomagnetic storm, and political riots and widespread global issues.

Notably, the North Node is conjunct Lilith a the Pisces/Aries gateway in today’s Helio-centric Sidereal astrology.

Solar Flares spotted recently: 
Last M Flare 11/23/2020, and nothing above B class flares in the last 3 days

Northern Lights are active:



This section aims to address the activity upon earth such as weather and natural disasters, with astrology charts and cartography.

Astrology Elemental Balance Today: 
2 Air, 23 Earth, -2 Water, 74 Fire,
47 Masculine, -3 Feminine

Earth’s Activity

Earthquakes today, USGS

  • 6.7 – 33 km – Turt, Mongolia at 1/11/21 – 21:32:58 UTC
  • 5.6 – 149 kp Ruteng, Indonesia at 1/11/21 – 1:20:38 UTC
  • 5.5 Balleny Islands region at 1/11/21 – 4:45:42 UTC
  • 5.4 – 67 kp Castelo Branco, Portugal at 1/11/21 – 12:47:01 UTC
  • 5.9 – 84 km NW of Yoichi, Japan

The large earthquake near Turt, Mongolia (in the lake in the near center of Russia/China border). This is the astro-cartography chart of that moment of the quake, which was under the MC line of Venus (green verticle line). Nearby moving AC lines are North Node (grey, above the location) and Venus/Moon conjunction.

Weather Storms today: Small storm in the Indian Ocean, very little

Lightning Activity today: Seen scattered all over the equator, particularly South America

Snow fall: In the mountains of the northern most hemisphere and the south pole.

Fire and heat: Africa is lit up with “fire intensity” on windy today

Latest Schumann Resonance:



Ray 1Will & Power, the will to Initiate11.4%
Ray 2Love & Wisdom, the will to Unify4.5%
Ray 3Active Creative Intelligence, the will to Evolve24.4%
Ray 4Harmony Through Conflict, the will to Harmonize15.2%
Ray 5Science & Healing, the will to Act26.8%
Ray 6Idealism & Devotion, the will to Cause2.6%
Ray 7 Order & Law, the will to Express15.4


In the live stream Universal Astrology, and for these reports I like to view the Helio/Geo Bi-wheel for the day’s interpretation.

Earlier this month there was a lot of excitement both in our social/political lives and our own personal relationships.

Today Neptune is in Aquarius, and in helio-sidereal Mercury conjunts Neptune. We also have North Node conjunct Lilith at the Aries/Pisces gate… And the Moon nears a New Moon phase at only 4% illumination in the waxing phase. It’s a difficult transitional time.

Mars nears conjunction with Uranus in Aries in geo-centric sidereal. Mars nears the Uruans/Lilith conjunction in Aries. We are coming in hot with Mars in Aries, but with Uruans with Lilith. This is the place to be. But it’s a dark place to be, its the transition zone! As global events occur…

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, then Saturn, in Capricorn directly, talk about confrentational. “Heads up” and “all hands on deck”, seems like the phrase to use to describe this.

Sun conjunct Pluto at the Saggittarius-Capricorn gate. Inner and outer power struggles are possible as it is all, like above and below, the inside and the outside.

And yet the last conjunction earth faces is Moon to Venus in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is adventurous, and Venus is relationships and the Moon is emotions so we may be in for a “rollercoaster” kind of week.