Nakshatras are the Stars of Vedic Astrology

I have found the most helpful book on Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology, to be “27 Stars 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India” by Vic Dicara (Vraja Kishor).

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To really even begin to understand Vedic Astrology, after failing in my earlier and spiritual ignorant teens. Another recommended book is “Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India” by Hart deFouw and Robert Svoboda.

Today I’d like to post this up for those who may have just began their astrology journey, or those whom are learning to associate sidereal concepts into their wester astrology concepts.

Nakshatra Wheel used in Planetdance software on Universal Astrology regularly
AshwiniTwin stars β and γ Arietis,
Mesarthim and Sheratan
HorseBeauty, Health, EnjoymentAśvinī Kumāra,
Twin gods of health
BharaniTriangle: Arietis stars 41, 39, 25,
Vuvla, downward triangleBearing Children, Labor Pains, New LifeYama, god of deathAries
KrittikaPleiadesSharp BladeDivider, cutter, assemble, accomplish, precise complexityAgni, god of fireAries
The Blushing Bride
AldebaranBull pulling Produce Cart, or Banyan treeFertility, creation, creativityBrahma, forefather and creator, passion, beautyTaurus
The Quest
Head of Orion, λ, φ Orionis,
Deer sniffing groundSearcher, nutrition or nourishmentSoma, god of immortal nectarTaurus
The Storm
BetelgeuseStorms, RaindropsSoaked, wet, destructive forces of transformations Rudra, god of stormsGemini
Repeating Patterns
Castor and Pollux (heads of Gemini twins)Arrow returned to the QuiverReignition, Becoming Bright Again, cycles, repetition, fractalsAditi, universal motherGemini
Highest Blossom
γ, δ (Asellus Australis) and θ Cancri,
Asellus Borealis and Asullus Australis
Lotus flowerFlowering, Nourishment, Fortune, CommuneBṛhaspati, god of prayerCancer
Serpentine Embrace
The head of the Hydra: δ, ε, η, ρ, σ HydraeCoiled SerpentEmbracement, Intimate connection or contract, clingingNāga, the dragonsCancer
Inherited Power
RegulusThronePower, Gifts, (DNA), carried over Pitr, ancestral spiritsLeo
Purva Phalguni
Romantic Enjoyment
δ and θ Leonis,
Zosma and Coxa
BedReddish Lady, procreation, pairs, prosperity, happiness, loveliness, loveBhaga, god of love and marriageLeo
Uttara Phalguni
Vows of Friendship
DenebolaBedReddish Lady (ii), friendship and marriage or commitments to others, what dwells, affection, lovingAryama, god of vows and weddingsLeo
Corvus (constellation) including Algorab Hand, Graps, utilizes, moves, manipulates, heightened awareness and dexteriy, awakener, inspireSavita, god of sunriseVirgo
Multifaceted Brilliance
Spica (Virgo)JewelSplendid, excellent, brilliant, wonderous, cut into many facetsTvasta, god of design and creationVirgo
Arcturus (Bootes)new bud bending in the windSelf Actuation, Individualization, ones own, becoming, going against, pushing Vayu, god of airLibra
α, β, γ and ι Librae,
Zubenelgenubi, Zubeneschamali
Finish LineOne pointed, branch, division, fork, apart from, distinct, intense, opposite, DecisionIndrāgñi, god of sacrificial fireLibra
β, δ and π Scorpius,
Acrab, Dschubba, Fang
flower on the finish lineafter, under, near, following, next, towards, devotion, adoration, love as inspirationMitra, god of devotion and friendshipScorpio
Antares, and stars close byAmulet, umbrella, earringForemost, best, greatest, first, eldest, importanceIndra, cheifl of the godsScorpio
tail of the Scorpion stars,
Shaula, Lesath, Mula, Girtab, Vanant, Fuyue
Tangled RootsRoots, bottom, foundation, origin, primary, corpse body is root of the ego and connection to this world in a state of destructionNirrti, goddess of destructionSagittarius
δ and ε SagittariiElephant tusk, fanInvincible, keeping cool and calm, refreshed, health, restApas, goddess of waterSagittarius
Complete Victory
ζ and σ Sagittarii,
Ascella and Nunki
“” “”Invincible, humanity, consolidate power and resources form diverse support, tolerance, undefeatable, strong togetherViśvedeva, all supernatural powersSagittarius
Listening Carefully
Altair, and two nearest starsEar, three footprintsListening, acquiring knowledge, calling outVisnu, god of existanceCapricorn
Getting Practical
α to δ Delphini (Delphinus constellation)DrumSteady sound, wealth, ray of light, excellence, goodness, abundant base elements (of sound)Vasu, primordial elementsCapricorn
The Underworld
γ Aquarii (Aquarius constellation),
Empty or dark circleHundreds of healers/cures, all enveloping sky, Varuna, god of night skyAquarius
Purva Bhadra
α and β Pegasi (Pegasus constellation),
Markab and Scheat
HearseBlessed steps, body to final destinations, the journey from life to the next life, two faces one looking back, one looking forward, one foot in each worldAjaikapāt, fire dragonAquarius
Uttara Bhadra
The Depths
Algenib (γ Pegasi) and Alpheratz Andromedae)” ” Auspicious steps, accepting, allowing, let of of previous identities past and futures, Ahirbudhnya, water dragonPisces
ζ (zeta) Piscium (Pisces constellation)DrumGenerous prosperity, increases in success, fortune, wealth, abundance, bringing and being prosperous life, gentle loving and carePūṣan, god of protectionPisces

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