Opportunity for Emotionally Driven Change in Goals (and possibly Direction?) | 3/7/2022 Universal Astrology Live Episode

Today’s Universal Astrology episode, looking at the sidereal charts and the incoming energies from the CME have arrived. We all have emotional choices and changes to make.

18 min episode

Sidereal Aspects Today

  • Sun in Aquarius conjuncts with Jupiter, which is very near Neptune also
  • Sun/Jupiter/Neptune makes a sextile (opportunity) to the Moon/Uranus in Aries
  • The Moon (22) conjuncts with Uranus in Aries (16 degrees), near the North Node (29 degrees Aries)
  • Saturn in Capricorn (chart ruler, still) squares the Moon (restricting emotional changes)
  • Venus is conjunct with Mars at 6 degrees (perfect) in Capricorn, with Pluto (at 2 degrees)

Fixed Stars

  • Saturn is aligned to Dorsum of Capricorn
  • The Sun and Jupiter are aligned with Seat of Aqr
  • Neptune is aligned with Simmah of Pegasus

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