About Universal Astrology

Where ancient and modern, western and eastern, astrology and astronomy, are considered in our everyday lives.

About the Universal Astrologer, Lee Bowden

I grew up in a Christain home, and Astrology was (and probably still is to some) a taboo subject. When I was a teenager, I studied the stars in admiration and with serious philosophical interest. I was a true skeptic at first, when I was 15 I only read my horoscope at night and was highly analytical. I soon had too many questions for my age. By the time I was nearly an adult, I had nearly escaped my spiritual self.

I continued then to learn more about astrology, psychology, and quantum physics. This grew into learning about consciousness, and archetypes, and several other religions.

In 2018 I started a lifestyle blog titled Loving Life with Lee.

It wasn’t until I had a natural, spiritual experience that shook me up. I went through several months, nearly a year, of intense self-assessment and inner healing. This was sparked after having a child, the shift in the energy of the planet (likely), and was the climax of my Saturn Return. A lot happened, and afterward, I had a proudly new perception of the world, spirit, and the spheres.

I started by reading a lot of books, sacred texts, and listening to lectures. This quickly led to my interest in finding a way to earn as I go, and getting certified to actually practice self-healing. Several women in my family are highly interested in health or education, so this was natural for me to find something and it is – rather alternative.

I’m skipping ahead a little because I never did really stop studying Western Astrology throughout these years, it was always a topic I read about and studied in my free time.

I started a business offering astrology and reiki, changing the blog to the website we have now, at Loving Life With Light.

When I got certified as a Reiki Master, and allowed myself to really ask the kind of questions I had. It led me to study both the spiritual history of mankind as a whole and to adapt to the science of the present day.

For example, to study the philosophical and archeological astrology, from both the western and eastern traditions. Being tropical and sidereal systems. And the scientific discoveries of Astronomy.

Starting in 2019 I really started to dive into my understanding of Solar and Geophysical processes. I really fell in love with learning about solar dynamics and solar activity such as CMEs and solar flares. The effects that the sun has on the earth, our atmosphere, the electromagnetic field, and our day-to-day lives really began to help complete the more mystical questions I had about sacred texts.

I had already begun to collect data using astrological associations whenever possible. This branched into a more complete understanding of Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Divination. Subjects such as the “divine code”, Hebrew, Geometra, Palmistry, and Numerology were a focus as I studied Theosophy and Gnostic writings.

It took a while for me to come back around to studying Christianity, and all of its historical context throughout ancient history. I started to take a more serious approach to Ancient Egypt (than an esoteric one; than ancient aliens). I took archeological history courses and watch many historical lectures. This allowed me to take in a new appreciation for all religions, ancient culture, human evolution, and “Big History”.

Then the political game and the pandemic began and all of our lives changed. It allowed me a turn of events that curbed new interests, concerns, and projects. I started taking many more college courses by auditing them and receiving new credit, but all the knowledge of a college student taking the course. It gave new meaning to my being a Reiki (Light Energy) Practioner. It has been such a huge blessing to receive such an education for free, from some of the best Universities around the world with passionate teachers online.

It also has allowed me some time to adopt a more scientific and analytical approach to projects, writing, and creating content. I also am now a stay-at-home wife, home-school mom. So, I decided to pull the astrology content from LLWL and create a separate website dedicated to Universal Astrology!

Universal Astrology Live

I considered for a time in 2019, started a semi-daily live twitch stream. I wanted to analyze the charts daily, record them, and then upload them each morning. Life didn’t quite allow this as we moved into a small apartment and the kiddo only got louder and more capable of talking (and interrupting… everything).

Where I used to be able to consider writing a post every day (or so) covering Astrology day-by-day and week-by-week.

I have resulted in a more scientific report of astrological activity. The Universal Astrology Monthly Reports include major geometric alignments called “conjunctions” and oppositions of the spheres. As well as solar activity, earthquakes, and weather news. I include some global news headlines. This paired with sidereal fixed star alignments to the primary planets becomes quite interesting as the classical interpretations sometimes apply quite closely to the activity of humankind. Finally, the Schumann Resonances have become a kind of entertainment and for some, a source of explanation for physical sensations. The science remains somewhat inconclusive, as more medical research needs to be conducted. But it is interesting to include the monthly strip for modern astrological or spiritual (or physical) consideration. I include these for those who are as interest as I am, in the effects that the planets might have on each other. Just as much as I think we humans, may have a collective and individual effect on each other.