What is Universal Astrology Live all about?

Greetings! I’m Caylene, aka “Lee” of Loving Life With Light! Astrologer and author of Universal Astrology Live!

In summary, it is all about astrology meeting present day astronomy. While considering the environment, social/cultural changes around the world, weather and climate, solar activity in relation to planetary movements and their effects in our lives every day.

It’s not that I think most modern astrologers are wrong, but I think they are missing out by ignoring astronomy and space weather. To me, these scientific areas of interests greatly explain what most modern astrologers believe is occurring: the sun and the planets are influencing our lives every day in every way.

Likewise, I feel that most people that dismiss astrology as a crackpot idea are often the same people who dismiss the bigger picture about the world at large, and the changes that occur with in their own lives. There are people that dismiss astrology because “science” and others because “God”. Neither of these are acceptable reasons of disregarding the obvious truths that the historical study of the stars, planets, and space have provided mankind. To me, connecting these parts to see the truth in the universe, is a better way to live. It gives me a world of an advantage in many areas of my life and it’s these kinds of diverse connections that I hope to share with others.

What’s LLWL?

Loving Life With Light is the official business owned and maintained by Caylene Bowden in Washington State (USA).

Universal Astrology Live content started as a part of LLWL, but has grown to be more popular, enough so to extend to it’s own niche site more strictly about astrology, astronomy, and space weather. It allows me to dive more into the science of geology, earthquakes and volcanos as well as CMEs, solar flares, etc. And keeps LLLWL open for those interested in Wellness, Self Care, Energy Healing and products/services.

For this reason, you will be directed to the LovingLifewithLight.com for secure transitions, and all primary informational content such as Disclaimers, Shop, Affiliates, and Policies.

When did you start learning about Astrology?

I was 14 when I started learning about astrology. I was super skeptical about it at first though. I was raised in a Christian home so I guess it felt kind of taboo in a way, and I definitely get funny looks still today from people. However, I spent 2 years reading my horoscope at CafeAstrology at the END of the day for about two years. I was pretty convinced that it had something figured out about the cycles of life, and if fed into my interests in psychology and the world at the time. I started then, to look up natal charts and through out about 5 years I had looked at hundreds of people I knew (always with permission) on AstroTheme. I had talked to nearly every friend I had about it. It has become, slowly, something I am known for – a star child, or starseed. It wasn’t until 2018 that I started to write about it and until 2020-ish for me to get up the courage to actually take courses and offer services.

  • 🎓 I am presently taking courses at Coursera in Physics, Archeastrology, Planetary Sciences, Geology and Astronomy.
  • 🎓 In the coming years I will attend Kepler College to achieve a Diploma in Astrology.

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Why do you use sidereal charts for all of your posts, instead of tropical?

This is a diverse topic that is best explored in books such as “Differences in Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology“. In summary, the tropical system does not account for the movement of the north pole star which is presently NOT Polaris (as it was back in the DATE classics), but to NORTHSTAR. Tropical charts do not account for this change which is called the Procession of the Equinox. Sidereal charts in which there are many types, I typically choose Fagen-Bradley.

Why is everything so different between them?

When you look up at the stars in the sky tonight, you would notice that the planets, and moon are in fact in sidereal positions (not tropical!). To me, this is much truer to our present day and modern world. I think why tropical astrology works so well for birthday horoscopes is because 1) we grow up reading them, they are most popular for some reason and 2) it has become more associated with the archetypes made popular by Edgar Casey, a psychologist whom dabbled in astrology and other mystical things such as Atlantis. So do not be fooled, there is value to the tropical system, but it is simply not scientifically accurate and I found in my studies that sidereal is much closer to the truth in our present moment. The differences in the heavens are subtle, evolving, and a changing nature. I believe tropical is a bit stuck in the past, and thus it offers an interesting psychological perspective on human behavior and personality. It does little to explain, navigate, or add to science or astronomy in any way.

Ancient cultures — like the Egyptians, Persians, Vedics, and Mayans — have always relied upon the sidereal system. They considered it more accurate since it is based on an actual link between the time of birth and the natural world as opposed to a theoretical position based on the seasons of the earth.

📙 Read more here: Sidereal and Tropical Astrology (wiki)

Want to test it yourself? Use a free software (resources) to generate a Tropical Chart of the current now moment, and also a Fagen-Bradley or other sidereal chart of the same moment in time. (Hint: Almost all “free” charts use tropical systems in the west, whereas nearly all Vedic charts are using the sidereal system by default.)

Then, either go outside and verify with your own eyes or go to a site such as Stellarium or Solar System Scope. Which chart is accurate right now? Sidereal, always. Why? Because we are not in ancient times with ancient skies, but within our modern present time with modern present skies. Over the course of many thousands of years, yes, the skies of changed. Try it for yourself before you come after me for using sidereal.

I welcome and encourage all astrologers to consider this, and then use both chart systems and test out your interpretations and forecasts with a fresh insight into the present moment and power of NOW.

What do you use tropical charts for then?

I always keep in mind that the tropical charts are created by considering the Season of Earth. I personally still consider tropical more when I am looking into social and personal matters in particular, especially birth charts. Because of the associations people have with their tropical birth data, which is made so readily available. People are already attached to their “Sun sign” in a way that has become personal. So I too, can take this information, and integrate it with sidereal charts of the actual star placements of the heavens.

Often times, people never get to a point where they are authentic enough to see their sidereal, or true self. So often are people attuned to a part of themselves that relate more to the past than the present, and for this reason I feel that tropical charts reveal a lot about that nature within ourselves that we are trying to figure out. The part of ourselves, our body and thinking perhaps, that comes from the past and remembers it somewhere deep within our cells and thus our subconscious. Those people who can look at their Helio-centric chart and Geo-centric charts will also have a distinct edge when it comes to interpretation of the natal chart. I honestly apply more than ten charts to interpret a natal chart for a client, of which the geo-centric tropic and geo-centric fagen-bradely (sidereal) charts, account for just two.

How do you use sidereal charts?

The same way you look at tropical charts, except it is true to the heavens day by day. This can be much easier to find fix star alignments, aspects, and influences (like the classics like Plato did). It is therefore much more helpful to observers and astronomers. I am also able to visually find areas of activity and interest in a sidereal chart, and go investigate further with modern astrology software such as Stellarium or Solar System Scope much easier. It is by far more accurate to our earth and nature, as well as for global events and influences.

For example, the study of Archaeoastronomy would not exist if not for sidereal calculations.

🎓 A course I took at Coursera college course on the subject (you can audit it for free): Archaeoastronomy

Are you a Vedic or Western Astrologer?

I use the Sidereal system, which is part of Vedic Astrology. However, I am a western-er and have cultural perspectives that I have grown into as I have matured – this I can’t ignore. This is the most difficult question to answer because I am neither, but both. I highly consider them both when I am doing astrology research. However, I am not pulled in either direction spiritually one more than the other as a Theosophist. I am just as scientific with astrological, real time, solar and geo data, as I am interested in constellations and the classical astrology, and esoteric spiritual philosophy.

In my view, Astrology was the First Science. It was the first study of religion, navigation, medical, geology, and biology. It as happened that there are many branches that have grown out of the ancient times of the first Astrological studies, including mathematics, language and philosophy. I like to think that they are still all very connected, and that when it is considered as such the bigger picture makes a lot more sense. Instead of seeing just one branch, you see the entire forest that has grown because of Ancient Astrology.

What do you say to people that don’t believe in Astrology?

Astronomy is a Science. It’s not wise to dismiss Astrology altogether because: it is part of the historical record we have of many events, including time, weather, navigation, agriculture and space to name a few. It’s not (!) just the spheres and “zodiac” archetypes. The long study of Astrology, by the people across the globe in many cultures, has proven that there are connections between living beings, the planets and the sun.

All people are influenced by the seasons, the forces of the planets (especially ours), and star’s (especially our own) solar activity cycle. Not to mention atmospheric weather changes, climate, and geological changes to our planet itself. Studies being done in our present world, are much more scientific than ever before and I am onboard with it! I hope to help explain how the ancient people thought about astrology and how we have confused it with religions, psychology, and forecasting.

To me Astrology, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Acupressure, crystals, essential oils, and Reiki are all gentle, harmless practices that everyone should know how to do in their every day lives. (These topics are offered/covered at LLWL!) If everyone know these simple practices then the entire world would be more universally aware and connected to how the world, our society, and our very lives are being guided by the higher powers of the Universe. For me, it’s about Universally Accepting the Cosmos, Earth, and Ourselves as One Life Together.

What do you say to other astrologers who don’t know yet about astronomy or space weather?

It’s a steep learning curve to consider the severity of ones belief in astrological concepts when applying them to your life or in others. I encourage you to, relax on horoscope and relationship psycho-drama what is popular astrology and reconsider what you feel when you look at the stars, sit under the bright sun, or your ears start ringing… You Can Feel It! The Universe and Nature all around you and in every part of your life!

Now it’s time to question all of that and apply it more to the Earth itself, Politics and Government and what is happening in the Human Collective. When we do that, we can see how Space Weather, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Solar Cycles and Activity, Natural Events, the Weather – it’s all connected with forces and energy working and changing. These are proven in our modern time – so let’s get on board with the data and utilize it to grow Astrology into an accurate way and release what concepts do not help us move forward into the new Age of Aquarius.