Astrocartography is a map of earth with the current motions that form a path upon the earth shown upon it.

These type of graphs can be used by Local Astrologers to determine healthy places, cities, or areas for an individual. This is done by the methods described by Michael in the 1970s, detailed in Local Astrology. Several quotes on this page are details from these descriptive pages about how it is done, with several examples. My interests in these books extends past the idea of how a single individual is affected, but to the cities themselves and the energies of the heavens influencing the face of the globe and our very lives. In such subtle and explosive ways as eruptions, quakes, and storms.

Heavens on Earth
This is what Local Space is all about, noting that the lines that the planets trace in the heaves are also lines traced down here on earth, lines that run across the earth, passing through any number of cities and places. In Local Space, we want to know which cities can be found along the line for each planet.
For example, we each have a Venus line that runs all around the earth, the line and direction Venus was in at our birth. Whatever we might agree that Venus represents in astrology (things like love, (rainy weather), care, appraisal, compassion) are accented for us along our particular Venus line as it appeared at our birth.”

Michael Erlewine