Bloch Wall

A Bloch Wall is a neutral center region at the junction of
two magnetic poles (north/south). (See Diagrams 5, 6, 7) It is
thereby a “magnetic flow reversal point” and is also known as
a “diamagnetic vortex point”. The Bloch Wall is the point of
division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic
magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative
energy pole and north pole magnetism spins to the the
positive energy pole and south pole magnetism spins to the
The point of zero magnetism and no-spin, and also the
point of magnetic reversal where the two spin fields join, is
the Bloch Wall.
We have two antithetical elements (polarities) meeting
and generating a third element, the Bloch Wall, which is a weak
pressure (gravity) generator. The south pole is the and
the north pole is the The individual pole energy rotations
are three component vectors and the conjunction (Bloch Wall) is
a tensor. The resulting “Broken 8” figure is a two dimensional
concept of a quadropole pattern. We can visualize it as the spin
2, circularly polarized, gravity wave force field source.