Dorsum, or Theta Capricorni

Legend: During their war with the giants, the Gods were driven into Egypt and pursued by Typhon. In order to escape, each was forced to change his shape, and Pan, leaping into the Nile, turned the upper part of his body into a goat and the lower part into a fish, a shape considered by Jupiter worthy of commemoration in the heavens.

[Robson, p.35.] (via ConstellationofWords)

Home Constellation: Capricornus

Distance from Earth: 162.19 light years

Color of Star: Blue

Apparent magnitude (Brightness): 4.08, can be seen with naked eye

Vedic Medical astrological association: left leg

Dorsum, meaning The Back, is on that part of the Sea-Goat. There is no special mythology attached to this star, apart from that of the constellation, and so Ptolemy’s classification of it as a Saturn-Jupiter type is the important thing about it. This is an important feature, since conjunctions of these two planets, which happen every twenty years, are invariably times of very important events in world affairs, usually with a stressful side to them but with an overall positive outcome. And individuals born with that conjunction prominent on their charts are well recognized as having a role in life, and the ability to play it, well beyond the average of their fellows.

The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.103. (via AstrologyKing)
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