Mercury Aquarius


Wide Open and Willing to Have a Change in Mind & Heart

  • April 1, 2020

Mercury is in Aquarius and being that they are both attuned to the Air element, this is not an uncomfortable possition to be in. This is where Mercury gets to access the majority of it’s information, lifestyle, and philosophy. It’s a good time for learning and adapting to the world and it’s changes. Chiron is in Pisces conjunct with both the Dark Moon and the Sun. This was the case last week as well, so we’re busy integrating both the Higher and Lower selves into the whole. This is happening for most within the subconscious, which slowly makes itself known...


Spiritually Grounding Partial Grand Trines in Sidereal Astrology Today

  • February 12, 2020

There are two Partial Grand Trines to discuss today. The first is an extremely spiritual formation between Vesta (Aries), Neptune (Aquarius), and Jupiter (Sagittarius). The second is formation is between the Sun (Capricorn), Mars (Sagittarius), and Juno (Virgo) encouraging Wholeness and Mature Reactions. These are the Powers we are Given to help us through this challenging time of healing in our lives from a Universal Perspective. The rest of the chart today is Red, Squares, and full of Challenges. The North Node opposes Pallas. The Node squares the Pisces Group including Venus, Chiron, and Lilith (STILL!). This alone is a...


Mercury is in Aquarius Being Hugged and Loved by Fomalhaut and Sadalmelik

  • February 4, 2020

Today is ruled by Mercury, and we are in very great alignment with the stars right now, making amazingly helpful aspects so this is where we are focused in this post. In Sidereal Astrology, as well as our night’s sky, we can actually see the alignments and feel these attunements. You may notice the arch in the alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Neptune Venus. Notice that Fomalhaut in the above shot, and Sadalmelik in the below image. These are really amazing energies and messages that are ‘hugging’ Mercury in Aquarius energies for All of Humanity. Fomalhaut is the Star of...