Moon Scorpio


Deep Emotions Are Transforming | Monday’s Moon in Scorpio

  • October 28, 2019

Today is ruled by the Moon as she steps out of the dark void phase this weekend, and back into the light in Scorpio. Which is a bit of a misleading feeling because she is within the power of Scorpio. Scorpio energy has deep undercurrents, caves, and hidden passions. 

This is a good time to set with those you love and tell them a bit about how you really feel about life right now. To admit those deep passions as they arise, so that they can someday come into form. Scorpio is by far the sexiest planet, and is comfortable with being naked and present. In this way, the moon will challenge us to strip off the layers and masks and reveal who you really are underneath it all. 

Today She is opposing Uranus, and so is the Sun in Scorpio too. When you have the Sun and the Moon opposing Uranus in Taurse. It’s going to be a struggle to balance what you want, with what you have. Questions might surface such as: 

How do I get what I want? 
Who will help me get what I want?
What do I want to keep, and what do I want to give away?

Christmas season is approaching and for some us, we might start to think about gifts being given, and gifts received. And this always has this feeling of the unknown to it. This is going to be most apparent in the darker phases of the moon as well, so today we might be feeling a little guilty, have issues of self worth, or financial stress. The apparently impossible looms ahead, Uranus warns us. 

I also will note that the Black Moon void of Lilith’s presense is residing in Aries. Within the shadow self, it’s going to be more difficult to resist temptations for anything new, exciting, passionate. But your also going to be up for any challenge and even find power in trying new things that maybe you wouldn’t usually turn to. 

Maybe you take up a strange new hobby, or go to a new coffee shop ‘just cuz’. The sense of “giving up” or “giving in” is going to be really strong today. My advice is to give in to that thing you want to do for yourself or your loved ones. Make that phone call you have been avoiding to your best friend because it’s been a minute too long. Or dive into the book you have been procrastinating on. Or let loose with your partner and spend a little too much time cuddling. 


Releasing Old Moments of Success and Failures to Move On | Moon in Leo, Mars in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn

  • October 22, 2019

Today is Tuesday, ruled by Mars. We are in a phase of Release in this Moon Cycle in Leo. Release of pride and glory from your previous moments of success (or failure). As your inner warrior is proud of what you have done to protect and serve. Its important to remember that you are still that warrior and you still have much to do to serve yourself and the world. Regardless of the past failures or successes, Mars in Libra reminds us to find balance within the moment. To not forget the past, nor get lost in the future. But to find the balance of passion and purchase in the present moment.

Mars squares Saturn in Capricorn and this can be a difficult decision in regards to responsibilities and passion struggles. How should you take action and for what reason? It may be wise to come up with Plan A, B, and C as backups. Of course Plan A should be the most detailed, focused, and well thought out manifestation of the best case scenarios!

The good thing is that the Moon in Leo is in harmony to Mars, and may allow us the kind of inner confidence to express passion into the project that provides the inspiration for getting all the responsibilities and tasks DONE. Which is really what Saturn and Mars have in common, they see the end result and they both want it to be successful at the end of the day!