Pluto Capricorn


Saturn in Capricorn with Pluto

  • November 1, 2019

Saturn is a good day to get things done, finished, realized. If you don’t finish the task list, then you’re adding new ones to it for next week. Capricorn is the sign of the Mountain Goat, and the sheep, we are walking the path to the highest most challenging of times right now. Within ourselves, and so is the world! 

Pluto and Saturn both here is highly indicating the changes of politics, laws, survival, instincts, and primal nature. These generational planets will be here for some time still, and we’re going to continue to feel those Roots within us being challenged to uproot and make a change, or to stay solid and unmoving. What are you doing?

With a square to Mars in Libra, we talked about this on Tuesday in more detail. We’re still feeling the urgency of needing to make a plan and come to terms with our responsibilies. Are we changing course or are we staying here?

Some harmony comes from a Trine to Neptune, and good communication with the Sun in Scorpio. The Soul Journey really is about understanding what your purpose is in this life, and going forth towards those goals and achievements with confidence and understanding. 

I know the Solar Plexus posts this week might have been challenging for some to really take in right now but it’s important to the timing of life for you to know and receive the full force and effect that the world has on YOU. 

And that YOU have on the world! 

What you do. How you vote. Who you are. It matters to the world what you present, create, think and feel. The world needs your voice, your art,  your inspiration, and your knowledge to help to expand the collective consciousness right now. Jupiter is going to be pushing for this expansion of mind for a while still. So we would be Wise to learn, grow, and express ourselves truly and honestly. Now. Today. 

Happy November, it’s a new month for a new set of energy, challenge, and of course – reward.


Keep Moving Forward with a Plan | Mars in Libra Squares Saturn and Pluto

  • October 29, 2019

Tuesday is ruled by Mars which is in Libra today. Libra is always trying to find balance between things, to make sense of what is ‘on the table’. The Warrior that Mars is, wants to take action to bring about that balance, the justice. To find fairness and bring equality. 

What we might need to do to achieve that balance within might be at a stand off to your current responsibilities, jobs, or projects. As well as a power struggle with the ideas of what it will take to have that equality. Both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn square Mars today in it’s efforts to find the time, resources, and the will to change ourselves – to become balanced. 

Lord of War (Mars) standing up against the Hand of God (Pluto) and the Lord of Time (Saturn), would be quite an overwhelming discussion to imagine. That’s what your inner selves, and spirit have to do today. Have that conversation with yourself, come up with the PLAN! 

We might find the harmony with Neptune in Pisces our final reminder of the Path, the Journey, the Experience of What is to Come Next. Reminding us that we don’t have to carry any one else’s baggage or fight anyone else’s war. But we do have to push on and keep moving if we’re going to get where we’re going.


Clear Deep Emotional Blocks with Confidence | Venus in Scorpio, in harmony with Neptune and Pluto

  • October 25, 2019

Today is Tuesday which is ruled by Venus which is in Scorpio right now. We’re having some good angles between Venus and Neptune at home in Pisces. As well as the power of Pluto in Capricorn.

When we look at Venus we can attune this to our love, heart, and centered self. With our loving selves in the energy of Scorpio we can expect to love our selves and others deeply. Our attachment to loved ones, possessions, and precious memories and moments in time can be very meaningful. With the harmony of the deeply spiritual essence of Pluto with the will power and confidence of Capricorn right now. We can really serve ourselves by doing some intentional self care.

Healing deep emotional imbalances, blocks or traumas can be really important to our wellness right now. To be able to live in a more loving way, to feel more freedom in our lives. Let’s explore the importance of this today as I give you some guidance for really meaningful self care time.