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Astrological Aspects

Air Element Air Trine Air Trinity Chiron conjunct Dark Moon Conjunction Earth Trine Earth Trinity Fire Element Fire Grand Trine Fire Trine Grand Cross Grand Square Grand Trine Major Conjunction Master Conjunction Psychic Trinity Rare Conjunction Venus-Mars conjunction Water Trine

Astrological Placements

Ceres Aquarius Ceres Capricorn Ceres Sagittarius Chiron Aquarius Chiron Aries Chiron conjunct Mars Chiron Pisces Juno Libra Juno Scorpio Juno Virgo Jupiter Capricorn Jupiter conjunct Pallas Jupiter conjunct Pluto Jupiter Leo Jupiter rules Thursday Jupiter Saggitarius Jupiter Sagittarius Lilith Pisces Mars Aquarius Mars Capricorn Mars conjunct Ceres Mars conjunct Uranus Mars Libra Mars Pisces Mars rules Tuesday Mars Scorpio Mars Virgo Mercury Aquarius Mercury Capricorn Mercury Gemini Mercury in Scorpio Mercury Libra Mercury Pisces Mercury rules Wednesday Mercury Scorpio Mercury Taurus Moon Aquarius Moon Aries Moon Cancer Moon Capricorn Moon Gemini Moon Leo Moon Libra Moon Pisces Moon Sagittarius Moon Scorpio Moon Taurus Neptune Aquarius Neptune Pisces Pallas Capricorn Pallas Sagittarius Pallas Scorpio Pallus Scorpio Pluto Capricorn Pluto Sagittarius Proserpina Scorpio Saturn Capricorn Saturn Sagittarius Saturn Scorpio Sun Aries Sun Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury Sun Gemini Sun Scorpio Sun Taurus Uranus Aries Venus in Scorpio Venus Sagittarius Venus Taurus Venus Virgo Vesta Aries Vesta Pisces Vesta Taurus Vesta Virgo

Solar Science


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